The Theater in Putbus

Nobody wants theater on vacation, unless it is a classic or modern play performed in a charming historical setting. If you want to experience special moments on vacation on Rügen, you should take a closer look at the theater in Putbus. The varied program takes visitors onto the large stage of entertainment, which can be funny, tragic or musical. Here you can take a look behind the scenes in advance.

Historic theater for big theater: Putbus provides entertainment

The princely playhouse was built in 1819 and 1820. It was originally built by Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus as a summer theater. At that time, the theater in Putbus was primarily a place of entertainment for well-heeled spa guests. Today the historical theater with its modern program is open to all holidaymakers.

When you spend your first vacation in Putbus, you will immediately be seduced by the historical charm of this place. Because many buildings still look like they did decades ago. This also applies to the theater, which at first glance presents itself as one of the most visually outstanding buildings. The imposing main front of this classicist theater deliberately (self) points to the prince’s castle.

The theater itself is a highlight worth seeing

Apart from the staging, the building itself is worth seeing: The overall harmonious effect is achieved above all by the roof, the triangular gable above the column portico and the gable on the narrow sides. By converting the ceiling of the hall a few years ago, it was possible to provide excellent acoustics in the Putbus theater.

This not only benefits the productions on stage, but especially the numerous musical events. Optics and sound experience will take you into an entertaining world far away from everyday stress. The detailed stucco frieze, which effectively stages the Muses and Apollo, is particularly worth seeing.

Even though there has been a lot of renovation or modernization work in the past decades, the basic substance of the theater in Putbus has been preserved. The complex reconstruction took place from 1992. Today it is considered the oldest and most beautiful theater in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. But it’s best to make an impression for yourself!

Schedule for the theater in Putbus: curtain up for varied diversity

With its modern technical equipment and an ambitious program with passionate actors, this theater has been able to draw attention to itself beyond the borders of Rügen or even internationally in recent years. A look at the current program shows you what kind of entertainment you can enjoy during your vacation on Rügen.

Aside from classic literature (e.g. Faust or a visit from the old lady), newer productions are also on the program, with even small holidaymakers getting their money’s worth. In this respect there is nothing to be said against a family trip to the theater in Putbus. Apart from dramatic or comic productions on stage, there are many musical highlights throughout the year. Worth mentioning in this context are the popular philharmonic concerts, which provide pleasant holiday tones.

Directions to Putbus Theater


Information on how to get to Rügen can be found here. Your route will take you from Stralsund over the new Rügen Bridge to the island of Rügen. Follow the B96n expressway until the Samtens exit. Once there, turn off and drive along beautiful avenues via Garz to Putbus.

You can also reach Rügen via the old bascule bridge. If you want to pass this, you can also reach the theater in Putbus directly on the old Alleestrasse via the towns of Gustow, Poseritz and Garz.

You can also take the car ferry from Stahlbrode to Glewitz to Rügen. From here it goes via Garz to Putbus.

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