Sand Sculpture Festival in Binz 2019

Since 2010, numerous artists from all over the world have been gathering in Binz on the island of Rügen. The reason is the annual sand sculpture festival. Amazing works of art are created from monumental blocks of sand. It is a fun and unforgettable day out for the whole family. Around 200,000 people visit the exhibition every year.

Looking back on a successful history of the Sand Sculpture Festival

The Sand Sculpture Festival Rügen is one of the largest indoor events worldwide. The sand sculptures Rügen were first erected in 2010. A special sand from Holland was delivered for this. The sand is characterized by sharp-edged grains. Before the sculptures can be chiseled, the sand is pressed into large blocks. This compression enables the artists to process the sand in great detail. Saws, brushes and scalpels are used for processing.

The sand will be stored after the festival so that it can be used at the next Sand Sculpture Festival on Rügen. In the first year, the event revolved around the hero and privateer Klaus Störtebeker. A year later, visitors could see the beauties and marvels of nature. In the same year, the Sand Sculpture Festival broke a world record in building sand castles. In 2012 the Carvers dedicated themselves to the Grimm brothers, while the following year the world of books was taken up.

In addition to the works of art made of sand, you can also discover some other works of art on the Binz beach promenade. Human sculptures created by sculptors and much more!

Largest sand sculpture festival in the world in the Baltic Sea resort of Binz

10th anniversary – The Sand Sculpture Festival 2019

This year you can expect an extraordinary season of the Sand Sculpture Festival in Binz on Rügen, because the festival is 10 years old. The organizers came up with something very special for this.

In 2019, the sand sculpture festival not only comes up with one topic, but also offers visitors a best of the last 10 successful years. Among other things, you can admire sculptures from the fields of fairy tales, music, film, nature, history, wonders of the world and many other topics. You should have seen that!

Visitors are welcome to the world’s largest indoor event 2019 from March 16 to November 3, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A colorful trip around the world – The Sand Sculpture Festival 2018

At the Sand Sculpture Exhibition 2018 an extraordinary journey into the big wide world awaited you. Whether pyramids, Mount Rushmore, the Great Wall of China or the Trans-Siberian Railway – in 2018 Binz on Rügen became a true trip around the world. And not only our home earth became a topic, but you could also find yourself on the moon.

Musical journey through time – The Sand Sculpture Festival 2017

In 2017 it became very musical at the Sand Sculpture Festival in Binz on Rügen. Visitors had the opportunity to marvel at Viennese classical music composers as sand sculptures. So the history of music was in the foreground with famous places like New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. The wild 60s, when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones excited the masses, played an equally important role. And if you couldn’t do anything with the classical music of the 60s, sculptures by Sido or Rammstein were a real highlight.

A true zoo – that was the Sand Sculpture Festival 2016

The Sand Sculpture Festival 2016 ran from March 12 to November 6, 2016. Also this year, various “sand artists” have dared to create a huge open-air zoo on an amazing 5,600 square meters. Lions, sea animals, dinosaurs and all kinds of animals were created from pure sand.

Film and TV – The Sand Sculpture Festival 2015

In 2015, the experienced carvers, as the artists of the sand sculptures called themselves, devoted themselves entirely to the topic of “film and television”. There were a lot of familiar faces from the media to be seen at the Sand Sculpture Festival Rügen. The journey went through various top films of the past few years. The pirate world from the successful film “Pirates of the Caribbean” could not be missing. Crazy Jack Sparrow and Captain Davy Jones were immortalized in the sculptures.

The heroes from “Harry Potter” were also part of this motto. But also classics like “E.T.”, “Indiana Jones” and “Das Boot” were reproduced with great attention to detail. There was something for young and old among the sand sculptures on Rügen. While the younger generation enjoyed watching the figures from “Matrix”, the adults enjoyed sculptures by people who had a major impact on German television. One of these sizes was the moderator Thomas Gottschalk. A total of 45 sculptures could be viewed.

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