Rügen Park in Gingst

The Baltic island of Rügen is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany. Since 2011, the island has the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its huge beech population and chalk cliffs. Bathing and spa guests appreciate the island because of its beautiful and extensive sandy beaches. A special attraction for the numerous holiday guests is the Rügenpark near Gingst, which opened in 2000. Covering an area of ​​40,000 m², the amusement park offers its visitors a varied range and fun for the whole family. If you spend your vacation on Rügen, it is definitely worth planning a day to visit the Rügenpark Gingst.

Miniature park – numerous attractions for an unforgettable vacation day

Most of the attractions offered in the Ruegen Park are already included in the admission price. For families, Saturday is particularly interesting for a visit, since on this day for every full-paying person (i.e. an adult), a child under the age of 12 has free entry.

The approx. 15 rides include super slide, Luna Loop, a mechanical horse ride, nautical jets, Rondello, white water rondell, cable car, butterfly, bouncy mountain and comet. One of the main attractions is the Family Gravity Coaster roller coaster that opened in August 2010. At a height of 6 meters and a length of 85 meters, the train reaches a top speed of 25 km / h. If you need a snack in between, the Ruegenpark offers a delicious selection of dishes in its self-service restaurant. Of course, you can also stop here and recharge your batteries with coffee and cake to visit another highlight.

In the miniature park you can admire miniature replicas of famous buildings from all over the world. You can find models of the Statue of Liberty, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the German Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate, the American White House, the pyramids including Sphinx, Notre Dame and others, embedded in a beautiful park landscape. v. m. Of course, there is also a model of Rügen including the most important buildings. One of the most popular photo opportunities is the life-size dinosaur. A particularly charming way of discovering the Rügen Park is a tour on the “Emma” train. Last but not least, a petting zoo is part of a good family amusement park.

Leisure and miniature park – vacation on Rügen

With offers such as the Rügen Park or events such as the Störtebeker Festival, which has been taking place for a few years now, Rügen endeavors to offer holidaymakers an attractive supporting program in addition to an incomparable natural and cultural landscape. The Baltic Sea island offers visitors a variety of accommodation options. A good and usually also cheaper alternative to the hotels are the holiday apartments on offer. Both for couples as well as for small groups and families, the available holiday apartments offer a much higher degree of privacy and allow a more individual and flexible holiday arrangement than hotel accommodation. One thing is certain in any case, Rügen is worth a trip and guarantees a holiday experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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