Rügen Natural Heritage Center

The Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen is a fairly new excursion destination on the beautiful Baltic Sea island, which is very popular. Nature is the focus of interest here. In addition to the treetop path, which leads visitors into the middle of nature, the environmental information center and the restored historic forest house are attractions of the Rügen Natural Heritage Center.

Natural Heritage Center on Rügen – Nature is very important here

For those responsible for the Naturerbe Zentrum Rügen, nature is not just a resource that absolutely needs to be protected, it is a passion that inspires enthusiasm among all visitors to the center. Nature is not only a habitat for animals and plants, but also a world of experience for interested people.

Nature has taken on particularly beautiful forms on the island of Rügen: between the Prorer Wiek and the Jasmunder Bodden you will find the ecosystem forest, open land and also wetlands, each of which is home to very different animals and plants.

School classes and groups of young people come to the Rügen Natural Heritage Center with a tree-top walk to learn more about Rügen’s nature and to learn something. But the center also offers a wealth of information for adults that will spark enthusiasm for nature.

Face to face with the trees in the Nature Heritage Center

If you want to meet nature and especially the forest at eye level, a walk on the treetop path is a unique experience. This barrier-free hiking path between the tree tops leads to a lookout tower, which is located at a height of 40 meters and offers a unique view of the landscape of the island. Depending on the weather and time of year, you are often lucky enough to be able to observe the white-tailed eagles from here. But the way is the goal. On a walk on the tree top path on Rügen, visitors walk the natural heritage center of Rügen between the crowns of the beech trees here. You move between the trees at heights of 4 to 17 meters. Depending on the height you are at, you will experience a different part of nature and the forest. It quickly becomes clear: a mixed beech forest is anything but monotonous and boring.

The greatest legacy of nature – Our friend the tree and its inhabitants

On the 1250 meter long treetop path there is something worth knowing about the local forest. The open-air museum is supplemented by so-called adventure stations, which are also related to the topic of nature and forest. If you ask yourself where a tree gets its nutrients from, you can use a water pump to understand the force a tree has to exert to supply itself with the vital water. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an eagle’s eyesight? A pair of binoculars specially adapted for this purpose gives an impression of how a sea eagle can recognize its prey at very great distances.

The permanent exhibition at the Rügen Natural Heritage Center

In addition to the treetop path, the Rügen Natural Heritage Center is also worth a visit. The center’s permanent exhibition deals with the various types of landscape in the area and visitors can learn more about nature at 17 stations. Texts, audio samples and pictures are interesting and fascinating for both adults and children. After all, you never stop learning. And it can also be a first for an adult to spark a flint, which is possible at one of the stations. Modern technology allows visitors to visit virtually different nests, caves and dwellings of domestic animals.

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