Preparation & checklist for a relaxing camping holiday on Rügen

Rügen with its great natural landscape and exciting coastline is a real camping paradise. There are campsites with different equipment across the entire island: The spectrum ranges from the very naturally kept campsite to larger facilities with state-of-the-art sanitary facilities and a high entertainment factor. The preparation for a camping holiday on Rügen is the basis for very relaxing days.

The largest island in Germany has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in recent years. Not only the warm summer days are used to discover the island with its many facets, but also love the winter, spring and autumn. Camping proves to be a very natural form of accommodation, which has achieved a completely new popularity, especially for motorhome travelers. A large number of campsites can be found along the coast of Rügen, offering a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea and quick access to the beach.

Checklist for a perfectly prepared camping holiday on Rügen

A camping holiday on Rügen, however, requires some preparation so that nothing stands in the way of the most beautiful days of the year. Motorhome and caravan travelers should carry out a technical check of their vehicle in advance. Battery and lighting, oil, air, water and windshield wiper fluid are elementary. In addition, a spare wheel, the reserve canister, warning triangle, safety vest, tow rope, first aid kit and tool kit are valuable helpers in the event of a breakdown or accident.

There are a number of accessories and utensils both in the camper and in the tent that should be on Rügen:

  • Swimsuits, sun hats, peaked hats, sunscreen, aftersun lotion, bath / beach towels and sunglasses are a must for a carefree stay on the beach.
  • Duvet covers, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags are the basis for restful nights at the campsite.
  • Travel detergents, dish towels, (food) cans, garbage bags, kitchen rolls, aluminum / food wrap and a padlock (for tents) prove to be valuable support in everyday life.
  • Camping cutlery and crockery, a grill, gas cooker, can and bottle opener, corkscrew, hot plate, cutting board, thermos, pots, pans, water can and kettle are important components of the kitchen on the go.
  • Blister plasters, mosquito repellent, mosquito spray, pain relievers, tick cards or tweezers and fever pills can provide relief for minor complaints.

Creating stock or shopping on site?

A not inconsiderable aspect of a camping holiday is the food. Most campers naturally rely on the principle of “self-sufficiency”. Here it must be considered whether a stock is already created before the journey or whether shopping on site is an alternative. Most campsites on Rügen have at least a small kiosk or snack bar, but more than basic services is not possible here. In the larger towns and cities on the island there are a large number of supermarkets that can be accessed and are not much more expensive than in other regions. If you still value a personal supply, you should have the following foods on your list:

  • Bread, buns
  • Sausage, cheese, jam
  • Butter / margarine and milk
  • Pasta and rice
  • Salt, pepper and spices
  • Coffee or / and tea
  • Water or / and soft drinks
  • Grilled meat, sausages, mustard and ketchup
  • Snacks and alcohol if required

Documents for a trip to Rügen

Even if Rügen is in Germany, some papers and documents are necessary. The driver’s license, health insurance card, ID card and possible booking documents are mandatory. The vaccination certificate and allergy passport, the sailing license or boat license as well as directions or a map are helpful if navigation on the mobile phone fails.

There is also luggage that is often forgotten when camping on Rügen and the lack of which is regretted: a book worth reading, matches, games for outside and inside, tools, an umbrella, scissors and sewing tools can be considered classics in this regard.

If campers take this list as a basis, at least the basis for relaxing days is created. Of course there are interests and preferences that are essential for many travelers, but these can be added personally.

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