Objections Delay Additional Buildings on Baumwipfelpfad

Numerous objections were received against two planned construction projects at the Treetop Path in Neckertal.

At the beginning of October last year, the Cooperative Baumtipfelpfad Neckertal submitted two building applications to the municipality. After the end of the circulation process, however, the two projects stalled. “Because of the ongoing proceedings, I can’t say much about it,” replies Vreni Wild, President of Neckertal, on request. However, it confirms that numerous objections have been received against the two projects.

Construction is expected to start in autumn

After the deadline in mid-October, legal clarifications had now been made regarding the objections. As a next step, an on-site inspection with all those involved is planned soon. The objections would then be assessed. Vreni Wild cannot estimate how long the procedure will take. “Sometimes objections can be cleared up quickly, in other cases it takes a little longer,” she says.

Bruno Vogt, Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Baumtipfelpfad Neckertal, is not surprised if the current development. «Of course we expected objections. It is now important that all objections are dealt with seriously so that in the end a solution that is acceptable to everyone is found, »he says. Since such processes are usually time-consuming, he does not believe that he can start building this year. “Nothing will happen before autumn 2020, regardless of the state of the process. Because during peak season, nobody wants a construction site on the treetop path, »says Bruno Vogt.

New office space – optimization of processes

The two building applications are, on the one hand, an extension to the Wipfelhaus. On the other hand, in addition to the existing log house, a new summer house is planned.

The extension of the Wipfelhaus becomes necessary because the municipality’s approval for the construction container, which currently houses the management offices, expires. “However, the municipality of Neckertal extended the permit for the containers while the objections were being cleared up,” says Vreni Wild. On the one hand, these offices are to be accommodated in the extension. On the other hand, the shop is to be enlarged and the processes optimized. Among other things, the extension will enable the flow of dishes to be divided into clean and impure zones in the future.

Space for 50 people in the summer house

An airy building with sliding glass walls is planned for the summer house. It is said to offer space for around 50 people and to house cold rooms in the basement. A beverage distribution is only planned to relieve the kiosk in the Wipfelhaus when there is a large number of visitors. «It is not the idea of ​​the summer house to attract more guests. It is much more important to be able to offer our guests more comfort, »says Melanie Anon, managing director of the treetop path. Because the current infrastructure offers no possibility to seek protection from rain or sun. The summer house would remedy this shortcoming.

For the two projects, the cooperative Baumtipfelpfad Neckertal expects to cost CHF 300,000 each.

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