Holidays in Waldkirchen Bayerischer Forest

The climatic health resort Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest is an ideal holiday destination, especially for relaxing holidays. The numerous hiking trails in and around Waldkirchen in the Freyung-Grafenau district are well marked and lead through the extraordinary landscape of the Bavarian Forest. The diversity and originality of this natural landscape can best be explored while hiking, Nordic walking or cycling.

The city of Waldkirchen is located in the border triangle of Bavaria-Bohemia-Austria. This central location also makes cross-border hiking possible.

Holidays in Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest have much more to offer.

The Karoli bathing park in Waldkirchen is a popular destination for holidaymakers in every season. On around four hectares, the Karoli Badepark offers limitless bathing fun with an outdoor pool, indoor pool, Mediterraneum and much more. From the Karoli mountain you have a wonderful distant view of the nature of the Bavarian Forest.

The climbing forest in Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest challenges everyone with its six different courses with different levels of difficulty and heights.

The city of Waldkirchen is also particularly recommended for golf holidays in the Bavarian Forest. Two beautiful golf courses are located at the gates of Waldkirchen.

Anyone who likes to shop is in good hands at the Garhammer fashion house. Regardless of whether it’s women’s, men’s, children’s or young fashion, there is something for every taste.

Winter holidays in Waldkirchen are also very attractive. The high snow reliability in the Bavarian Forest transforms the region into a dreamy winter landscape. Many winter activities guarantee that you won’t be bored on holiday – skiing, ice skating, curling, winter hiking, snowshoeing and much more. Waldkirchen in the Bavarian Forest is a true cross-country paradise. Well-groomed cross-country trails lead through the romantic snowy forest landscape. A horse-drawn sleigh ride is also very popular with guests.

No matter what time of year you want to travel, a vacation in Waldkirchen is always an experience.

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