Around the tree top walk

The tree top walk is part of an attractive offer provided within the National Park. In the immediate neighborhood you will find the wildlife enclosure and the Hans Eisenmann Visitors Center

Wildlife enclosures

The spacious ranges and large aviaries found in the wildlife enclosure area provide over 30 species of mountain forest animals with a natural environment. The population includes grey wolves and brown bears, extinguished in the wild 150 years ago, as well as animals returning to their native habitats, such as the lynx and black stork.

Hans Eisenmann Visitors Center

At the information counter the competent staff will provide a vast variaty of informations regarding the National park and its facilities. A relief oft he terrain of the national park provides first overview. (

Barrier free

The tree top walk itsself fullfills the criteria of being barrier free for handicapped people, wheelchairs an childrens buggys. From parking area 1, next to the wildlife enclosure an elevator integrated into the entrance tower gives access to the tree top walk. The walk )including the tree tower) has a maximum ascent of 6% and you will find multiple rest zones on your way. Toilets for handicapped people exist at parking area 1 as well as in the Hans Eisenmann Visitors Center.

Further information regarding facilities for handicapped people within the National Park may be found here

Eat and drink

Within the cities and villages in the surroundings of the Tree Top Walk a variety of restaurants and pubs have a huge offer traditional local food.

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