A Floating Bridge Over the Königsstuhl?

A few days ago, the first draft for a floating bridge over Königsstuhl with a 40 meter high mast was presented to the citizens of Sassnitz. The current plans provide that the previous staircase over the grave will be replaced by a modern suspension bridge. For the visitors of the Ruegen landmark, an oval circular path over the burial mound should be created.

Engineering office with meaningful references

The design for the floating bridge over the Königsstuhl is the responsibility of the world-renowned engineering firm Schlaich – Bergermann – Partner. The company’s references are extremely meaningful: in addition to the redesign of the Maracana stadium in Brazil, the engineers created a design for the bridge to the French rock community of Mont Saint Michel. Schlaich – Bergemann – Partner received awards for two pedestrian bridges to the Sassnitz upper town and the city harbor. The planners follow a similar construction principle when building the access road at the Königsstuhl.

Numerous investigations have been carried out

With more than 300,000 visitors a year, the planning of the project is of particular importance. Professor Mike Schlaich claims to be aware of the importance of this place and have respect for it. As part of the conceptual planning, the responsible engineers have carried out numerous investigations at an important landmark in Germany and examined a number of different options, such as the feasibility of a truss structure.

According to Professor Schlaich, the solution now presented is the most suitable because it is largely unobtrusive, environmentally friendly and practical. However, Schlaich also made it clear that it will “catch trees”. A new building without the felling of trees in the middle of the Jasmund National Park is hardly feasible, the professor continues. Against the background of possible demolition and erosion, the design provides for bored piles and press anchors, which should ensure that the bridge remains stable in its intended place for the next hundred years.

The focus is on preserving the chalk formation

According to Markt Ehlers, managing director of the Königsstuhl National Park Center, the preservation of the chalk formation is not guaranteed. The many visitors would remove the smallest chalk particles with their shoes and thus endanger the preservation of the platform over the years.

This is impossible thanks to the new, 90-meter-long tour and the floating bridge. The new access road should point something towards the Victoria view, where the bridge will hardly be visible and a view of the Königsstuhl is possible without restriction.

Funding hoped for by the state

The cost of the construction project is currently estimated at around seven million euros. However, the city hopes for generous funding from the country. Mayor Frank Kracht refuses to get the money from the visitors. According to him, there will be no price increase in the national park center.

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